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2023/24 Season

Exciting news!

Registration for the upcoming junior, senior, vets and womens season is now live on PlayHQ.



Make sure you are registering under the correct link and take the time to read all the pricing and additional information before beginning the registration process.

When completing the registration, please take the time to read the new BTCC Spirit of Cricket and Code of Behaviour document found under the terms and conditions section of the registration. Anyone who wants a copy of this document, please contact Jordan Moll.

Additionally, those who are registering for seniors, please note if you are either a student (meaning in high school or currently enrolled in a University/TAFE course) or a BTCC life member, you have a voucher code that you apply at the payment section of the registration that gives you a discount (see below for the appropriate codes).

Student code: 5F2A4FF8
Life member code: A9375357

For juniors, if you plan on playing in multiple age groups or on multiple days (Eg: play fast 9s on a Sunday and then under 12s on a Friday night).
Please register for your specific age group and then send an email to the address provided below indicating your intention to play in multiple age groups.

News regarding registration for the women’s competition will be coming out shortly, along with registration for the Woolworths cricket blast program.

Any questions or queries regarding registration on PlayHQ please contact


Follow the link below to register now!!!

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